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RomaTreDiscoveryFor all (or most) the resources try RomaTreDiscovery

In a single search interface you will search resources from the library system and a from an Internet selection as well. Approfondisci …



For all documents of the Roma TRE libraries try the Catalogo di Ateneo

All the material owned by libraries is available to you. Learn how to… (tutorial YouTube)



For the databases try the A-Z or the area directory.
If you wish to query a specific database, by exploiting the publisher's native search tools, learn how to… (Cerco una banca dati)




For electronic journals look up the Trova periodici tool
If you are looking for a specific journal, or you need journal from a specific publisher, learn how to...

(Cerco una rivista)




For electronic book see the E-books collections
If you are searching an e-book by title or author or publisher, learn how to ….(Cerco un libro)




For single articles, essays, reviews
Check the RomaTreDiscovery or Catalogo di Ateneo tools.

 Learn how to …. (Cerco un articolo)




For PhD thesis search in ArcAdiA
You will find the PhD thesis discussed at Roma TRE from academic year XX  (2007-2008)





For Roma TRE publishing see RomaTrE-Press
To access the publications of Servizio Editoriale di Ateneo




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