History and mission


The University of Roma TRE, since its very first academic year (1992/1993) has developed a project to renew and improve its library services; a University Commission for Libraries was specially formed. The University Library System was created in line with the trend that was spreading at the time in the Italian university system, as prompted by the Ministry and the Conference of Italian University Rectors. The system, organized in area libraries and a Coordination Officewas intended from the outset as a single organization for the management and development of the units that provide the library services for their communities.


The University Library System of Roma Tre provides qualified resources and services to research and teaching, contributing to the learning and cultural development of the individual and of the entire community.

It is inspired by the purposes, the principles and the values set out in the Statuto di Ateneo, in the Codice etico and in the Regolamento del Sistema Bibliotecario.

To achieve its mission it:

  • promotes the dissemination of knowledge and promotes the open access;
  • eases the use of information resources, updating them, enriching them and keeping them organized;
  • provides its users with the information and skills necessary to promote independent access and awareness of the resources and services;
  • cooperates with other institutions, to expand the services and the cultural offering.

The University Library System recognizes the centrality of the user and commits the staff of the libraries to operate according to the principles of hospitality, tolerance, participation and quality.

The University Library System is committed to verify its strategies in the light of developments and changes in their community and the world of knowledge.